Real Estate Wealth Accelerator:

A 7-Week Investment Webinar Series

Unlock the secrets of real estate investing with our exclusive webinar series. Designed for both new and seasoned investors, this comprehensive program will guide you through the essentials of building wealth through real estate. From identifying lucrative opportunities and financing your investments to managing properties and maximizing returns, our expert speakers will share valuable insights and proven strategies. Each week, we'll dive deep into a different aspect of real estate investing, ensuring you gain the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions.

Whether you're looking to generate passive income, flip houses, or build a property portfolio, this series will provide you with the tools to achieve your financial goals. Join us and start your journey to financial freedom through the power of real estate investing.


Real Estate Wealth Accelerator:

A 7-Week Investment Webinar Series

Week 1

Structuring so banks want to work with you! Save time interviewing less banks! 

Week 2
Getting The Money To 

You'll be provided templates and shown how to organize your information to package for the banks. 

Week 3
Legal Setup 

Learn how what entity formation is best for you and the process for creating your LLC. Includes Q&A with a Real Estate Attorney.

Week 4
Tax Strategies

Understanding your tax strategy and how to shop for properties the right way based on your goals. Includes Q&A with a Licensed CPA. 

Week 5
Identifying Properties

Learn how to find deals in any market and write offers to your benefit as an investor saving you thousands! 

Week 6
Marketing Properties

Discover the right way to market and position your properties to attract the right offers and tenants. 

Week 7
Tenant Packages

How to properly review and screen tenant applications. How to setup your lease, checklists, and expectation management.  

We're Brad and Jamie Flanagan

We live and breathe in profit-producing real estate using multiple strategies. After years of building our portfolio and helping others we have decided to offer our proven practices to help you!

We started with no capital on average income - so someone who has the desire to make this happen absolutely can!

Jamie, CEO of Big Picture Real Estate Group, a Top Producing real estate team, and active manager of our rental portfolio, and flips. Here to share experience in real estate trends, sourcing opportunities and highly effective Marketing strategies!

Brad Flanagan is the money man and strategic thinker! Without him, none of this would be possible! Not only has he helped thousands of families with financing in his career - Brad manages the funding of nearly $100MM in real estate loans each year. Leverage is a powerful tool to keep growing! Especially when you can manage risk and maintain a significant equity position in your assets! 

Our personal real estate transactions exceed $20 Million in the last 5 years and we are always growing our portfolio.

We have never put a sign out that we buy homes for cash, or sent out a mailer. The wholesale model is not something we have used, so we do not teach those tactics. There is likely nothing wrong with that strategy, it just has not proven to be a method of investing or sourcing for us. A lot of the deals get brought to us and now we are educating others on how to do this! 

Our portfolio earns 28% cash on cash ROI! We work as a team to gather the data and analyze the deals.


We have self managed 50+ rental units in our portfolio and scaled the business to build a team thanks to the performance of our portfolio! 

Finally, we execute periodic flips which have generated 500k in profit for our company. While our model is not based on flipping houses, sometimes a deal is too good to pass up for some quick cash! We share tips on how to determine rent VS flip in all our programs! 

After years of requests for help, we put the time in to build the map and are ready to share!

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