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Our consultative approach will help you get your finances on track so you can finally live the life of financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of.


How To Work With Brad and Jamie


Real Estate Wealth Accelerator:

A 7-Week Webinar Series

Learn everything you need to know about real estate investing including personal financial statements, legal entities, tax strategies, sourcing and marketing investment properties, and much more! 
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Financial Analysis and Strategic Planning

This includes reviewing tax returns to package your financials correctly to bring to banks, as well as maximize your tax benefits. 
Commercial banks love confidence behind your next investment with an organized plan. 
Brad's zone of genius is understanding tax returns, and loan products for each property type. Based on your goals, a solid plan will be created that you can implement to begin and grow your journey to legacy wealth.
$2,500 includes 2 Hours of One to One Consults and separate review of all finances to create a strategic plan and personal financial statement. 
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2 Hour One on One Consulting with Jamie

This can be spent evaluating potential real estate deals, finding deals, setting up your short term rentals for success, or strategic marketing plans.
Jamie loves evaluating properties and figuring out the best plan based on the work needed, keeping costs low or paid for by the properties income, and minimizing vacancy so you can start earning income quickly!  On site consultations throughout the U.S  available with paid travel to location. Jamie loves depreciation and believes everyone should understand how to make real estate work for them! 
$2,500 (up to 5 hours of one on one help) 
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Combined Consulting with Brad and Jamie

Includes both the offers above, Will travel to on-site locations with paid travel. 
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We're Brad and Jamie Flanagan

We live and breathe in profit-producing real estate using multiple strategies. After years of building our portfolio and helping others we have decided to offer our proven practices to help you!

We started with no capital on average income - so someone who has the desire to make this happen absolutely can!

Jamie, CEO of Big Picture Real Estate Group, a Top Producing real estate team, and active manager of our rental portfolio, and flips. Here to share experience in real estate trends, sourcing opportunities and highly effective Marketing strategies!

Brad Flanagan is the money man and strategic thinker! Without him, none of this would be possible! Not only has he helped thousands of families with financing in his career - Brad manages the funding of nearly $100MM in real estate loans each year. Leverage is a powerful tool to keep growing! Especially when you can manage risk and maintain a significant equity position in your assets! 
Our personal real estate transactions exceed $20 Million in the last 5 years and we are always growing our portfolio.
We have never put a sign out that we buy homes for cash, or sent out a mailer. The wholesale model is not something we have used, so we do not teach those tactics. There is likely nothing wrong with that strategy, it just has not proven to be a method of investing or sourcing for us. A lot of the deals get brought to us and now we are educating others on how to do this! 
Our portfolio earns 28% cash on cash ROI! We work as a team to gather the data and analyze the deals.
We have self managed 80+ rental units in our portfolio and scaled the business to build a team thanks to the performance of our portfolio! 
Finally, we execute periodic flips which have generated 500k in profit for our company. While our model is not based on flipping houses, sometimes a deal is too good to pass up for some quick cash! We share tips on how to determine rent VS flip in all our programs! 
After years of requests for help, we put the time in to build the map and are ready to share!

"Jamie and Brad do a great job of covering the nuts and bolts of investing in real estate to build wealth, but also cover the big picture of how to do all of this with a family and working together. Beyoned the basics and systems, Jamie shares little nuggets of how to be successful in this industry. Great training by both Jamie and Brad."

- Lou Ann Ewing

"We were pleased with the content and the delivery of the 2-day bootcamp. Brad and Jamie are very knowledgeable and were both able to deliver practical applications and expertise in a number of areas."

- Chris Harter

"Brad and Jamie are great motivators and knowledgeable sources. I value their opinions. They have both individually grown companies that thrive and together they are even more powerful."

- Kristina Philbin

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